About the Journal

"SMTU Transactions" Journal is published by the federal state budgetary educational institution of higher education "St. Petersburg State Marine Technical University" (SPbSMTU) since 1938 (until 1991 under the title "Papers of LKI").

The Journal is addressed to a wide range of scientists and specialists, as well as to the heads of research and design organizations, industry, educational institutions, the Naval Armed Forces, and also to teachers, graduate students, undergraduate students and cadets of higher educational institutions.

The main content of the peer-reviewed scientific publication are scientific articles.

Editor-in-Chief - Denis I. Kuznetsov

Publication language: Russian

ISSN of the printed version: 2414-1437

Founding year: 2014

Full title: "Transactions of the St. Petersburg State Marine Technical University".

Abbreviated title: "SMTU Transactions”.

A related historical title: "LKI Transactions"

Number of issues per year: 4

Media registration certificate: ПИ № ФС77-70733 от 15.08.2017

All materials of the Journal are posted on the website The Scientific Digital Library eLibrary (contract № 589-11/2016 from 07.11.2016 г.), the journal is included in the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI).

The schedule for accepting applications for publication of articles

Issue number The deadline for accepting applications for publication includes Release Status
Issue 4, 2022 till 15.11.22 Published
Issue 1, 2023 till 15.01.23 Compiled
Issue 2, 2023 till 15.04.23 Compiled
Issue 3, 2023 till 15.08.23 In the process
Issue 4, 2023 till 15.11.23 In the process


The Journal will accept and publish articles in the following main groups of specialties:

  • 2.5. - Mechanical Engineering;
  • 2.4. - Energy and Electrical Engineering;
  • 2.3. - Information technology and telecommunications.

All articles are checked for uniqueness and volume of borrowings in the automated verification systems ("RUCONTEKST").

Publication of articles in the Journal is free. No royalties are paid.

The general requirements for the publication of articles and a list of supporting documentation can be found in To Authors.

Full-text versions of the Journals are available in the public domain at Issues.

Before: "Proceedings of LKI"


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Phone: 8 (952) 266-52-88
Email: journal@smtu.ru