Forms of submitted documents

When submitting an article to the Editorial Board, the following documents should be presented:

  • The text of the article is in *.doc/*.docx and *.pdf formats.
  • Licence agreement (completed one per article and signed by the person submitting the article to the editorial board).
  • Expert report. An opinion on the possibility of public publication (expert report) signed by the organisation where the work was carried out.

The export control commission is responsible for carrying out the examination at SPbSMTU (Order No. 711 of 01.12.2017  и  No. 8 of 13.01.2017) and expert committees of faculties  (order no. 295 of 22.06.2021 order no. 500 of 22.11.2021). Their composition shall be determined by the Rector of SMTU The experts are personally responsible for their report.

  • Files (folder with files) illustrations for the article in original (original) format and *.png format; bitmap illustrations should have a resolution of at least 300 dpi.   

When submitting an article for the first time, the text of the article and a folder with files of figures for the article are required.  

All documents are submitted by e-mail

By submitting documents to the Editorial Board, the author agrees to The policy on personal data processing.

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