Open Access Policy

Based on the open access policy, the SMTU Transactions" Journal provides open access to its materials. 

The policy is based on the open access principles recommended by the DOAJ.

Users have full-text access to the Journal's materials and are not charged for their use.

It is not permitted to use the materials of the Journal for commercial purposes.

The Journal has a policy of providing maximum accessibility to published materials. 

The published materials are available on the website of the Journal, on the platform Scientific Electronic Library eLIBRARY and libraries and information databases on the Internet.

All materials presented in the Journal are protected by copyright.

Information about the activities of the editors and editorial board, contact information is kept up to date and is promptly updated. 

Authors are not charged for editing and publishing. No royalties are paid.

All articles published in the Journal are checked for uniqueness and volume of borrowings in the automated system for checking “RUCONTEXT”.

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