Article review rules

General terms

The peer review procedure for articles submitted to the Editorial Board of the scientific journal "Papers of St. Petersburg State Marine Technical University" (hereinafter referred to as the Journal) is aimed at ensuring the quality of articles published in the Journal. All submitted articles are the subject of review. The review should provide a full and objective evaluation and analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the submitted article. The members of the Journal's Editorial Board as well as external reviewers with a PhD or doctoral degree, experienced in scientific work in the stated field and familiar with the requirements imposed by the Journal's editorial board on the published materials should be involved in the review process. The reviewer should, if possible, avoid sharing the same department as the author(s) of the article. The editorial team strives to avoid "conflicts of interest" between authors and reviewers.

The review should be limited to 1-2 sheets of typing text. When a manuscript is received by the Editorial Board, all authors are warned about the review procedure. The names and places of employment of the reviewers have not been disclosed by the editors. The number of reviews to be submitted is determined by the Editorial Board. Usually one review is enough to make the decision on publication. More than one reviewer is appointed in cases where the article is interdisciplinary. At the decision of the responsible editor, an additional review may be scheduled after the primary review has been received.

There is no charge for reviewing articles.

Review procedure

1. All manuscripts received by the Editorial Board are registered. After that, the executive secretary and the Journal's Editorial Board determine the relevance of the article to the scientific profile of the Journal and the design requirements and send the article for review to the executive editor, who evaluates the scientific level of the article and submits it for reviewing.

If the article is rejected, the Journal's Editorial Board will send a reasoned rejection to the authors.

2. The timing of the review process shall be determined by the Editor-in-Chief, taking into account the date of the next issue of the Journal, and shall not exceed one month.

3. The review must indicate:

  • the correspondence between the title and the content of the article;
  • the relevance of the research topic to the article;
  • Scientific originality of the research conclusions and their practical relevance;
  • the sufficiency of the literature overview; compliance with the accepted standard for the formatting of references to literature;
  • the clear presentation of the material, the correctness of terminology and the quality of the design of the article;
  • Accuracy and clearness of the presented graphical material, the use of standard SI units of measurement, or those permitted to be used along with them;
  • the presence of precise and transparent headings;
  • the depth, relevance and accuracy of the mathematical apparatus and theoretical statements used;
  • the presence of reasonable conclusions;
  • comments and recommendations to the author of the article.

The review should end with a recommendation:

  • on the publication of the article without changes;
  • on the publication of the article after its revision by the author (without a second review or with a second review);
  • on rejection of the article.

(после согласования содержания рецензии, возможно, отредактировать)

Рецензент вправе предоставлять рецензию по своему усмотрению. The review shall be stamped by the reviewer's organisation.

4. At the request of the authors, the Journal's Editorial Board will send copies of the reviews. In the case of a rejected review, the Editorial Board of the Journal will send a reasoned refusal to the authors.

5. The review is confidential. A review is given to the author of the article.

6. The article may be corrected by the author and re-submitted for review. If the article was rejected without any comments, it will not be accepted for revision again.

A positive review is a necessary, but not the only, condition for publication of an article. The final decision on publication is taken by the Editorial Board of the Journal.

The Editorial Board takes one of the above decisions:

  • accept the article for publication without corrections;
  • send the article for additional review;
  • return the article to the author to be corrected
  • reject the article ( with providing reasons).

 When the Journal Editorial Board decides to publish an article, the Secretary in charge of the Journal informs the author and gives the deadline for publication. The reviews are kept in the Journal's editorial office for five years.

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