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Dear authors!

The following steps are required for publication of your article in the "SMTU Transactions" Journal:

1. Write an article in accordance with the Requirements;

2. Provide supporting paperwork, which includes the following documents

3. Send a request for publication of the article to the Editorial Board of the "SMTU Transactions"

You can request to publish an article in the following ways:

1. Personally to the Editorial Board, St. Petersburg, ul. Lotsmanskaya, 3, room A-353 (contact person: Maria A. Liverinova);

2. Send the request in paper form to the Editorial Board;

3. Send in your request by e-mail: In this case, scanned copies of the mentioned documents are required.

By submitting an article for publication, the author confirms that:

The Editorial Board will inform the authors within 3 working days after receiving the material. The editorial board will not consider articles that do not follow the guidelines.

Submissions are initially reviewed by the editorial board and submitted for review. The article is reviewed by the editorial board of the journal with the involvement of specialists from the relevant departments of SMTU and external organizations. Following the results of the review, the article may be accepted, rejected or sent to the author for revision. The editorial board informs the author of the decision to publish the article, otherwise sends the author a reasoned refusal. If materials are rejected due to non-compliance with formatting requirements or as not corresponding to the theme of the volume, they will not be published and will not be returned.

The editorial board has no discussion with the authors of rejected submissions.

There is no fee for reviewing and publishing articles.

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